by Holiday Essentials
Rs. 749.00

Easily charge your smartphone, tablet, camera or practically any other electronic device on the go with THE HOLIDAY ESSENTIALS World Travel Adapter. A powerful combination of a travel adapter plug and a USB charger, the durable and stylish international travel adapter is capable of running all your USB devices. What’s more, it also comes in a handy case!

• 3 changeable adapters make it suitable for all kinds of switchboards
• Compatible with all types of mobile phones, MP3 players, digital camera PDA, 5V-USB based devices and all your other electronic devices
• Can be used in over 150 countries worldwide including the US, UK and EU nations, so that you can travel anywhere worry-free
• Perfectly suitable for equipment with grounding plugs (2 poles)
• Fuse protection ensures that your devices are well protected from harmful surges of electricity

Product Warranty:
3 Months in case of manufacturing defect. Original invoice required.

Replacement Policy:
3 month REPLACEMENT warranty only against manufacturing defect when supported with original invoice and physical product

No Refund available

Return & Exchange:
No Returns

Not Applicable

Defective / Damage Policy:
No returns allowed. replacement policy as detailed out earlier

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